Artistic Caravan

Idomeni Border

Artistic Caravan – Idomeni Border

The artistic caravan is a cultural project that unites 15 professionals of the art world and entertainment industry in order to achieve and realize artistic recreations for the populations living in refugee camps in Greece. It is a twofold project: The first target of this operation is to create moments of evasion that can ease the emotional burden of the persons the caravan will meet on its path;
the ultimate purpose is really to facilitate the meeting of people, and especially children, with the most varied artistic creative languages.

We firmly believe that in a situation of strong and dramatic hardship, the personal care, desires and achievement expectations have to be cultivated in every possible way ;
we are also convinced that only art and creative activities will allow the people to revise and re-elaborate their past experiences and their current reality, creating moments of educational growth, giving back hope and new perspectives.

The artistic caravan is composed by the following professionists:

MICOL SPERANDIO / VIRGINIA DI LAZZARO experts in painting and visual art installations, they propose creative and craft workshops to children from 3 to 10 and adults female groups

YASSINE MARROCCU film director, will start a cinematic workshop to reveal and relieve the traditional legacy of oral storytelling

SERENA DI BLASIO, theater director and  actress, will create theatrical workshops especially for teenagers

MICHELE POLO puppeteer , will present performances on the theme of Meeting and Welcoming in addition to proposing the workshop of knowledge of puppetry an figures techniques

PAOLO PARON musician of different interests, focusing on the diverse musical traditions worldwide and the popular singing expressions

DELTAPROCESS – FAY FERNANDES, FILIPPO GENESINI, FEDERICO PETREI work on visual design and video mapping, will make visual and video paths for the public to enjoy and interact

CINEMA DU DESERT project focusing on the cinema as means to knowledge and social interaction, will provide cinema screenings

The project is willing to set up a Children’s and Teenager’s books library, together with public lectures and storytelling to enjoy the stories, possibly with the adults and refugees families participation. We think that this will be a great support to all those children that have been excluded for a long time from education and school.

All the projects we lead and organize are open for collaborations and partnerships throughout the journey, given we need a proper workplace (to be chosen together with the local Ngos) for the workshops time. We’ll strive for a neat activities schedule to ensure a serene and free flow participation, within the space limits of the chosen space.

The Artistic Caravan is a Ngo project of Ospiti in Arrivo. It started 20 months ago in order to give a very first aid for the arriving refugees in Udine. Another activity field is the REFUGEES PUBLIC SCHOOL, open to anyone willing to learn and study the Italian language, a totally grassroots activity by the OSPITI IN ARRIVO volunteers. To improve and stimulate a constant dialog between the city, citizens, institutions and the Ngos activities, we organize meetings and talks about migrations, welcoming refugees and knowledge, to share experiences and arise critical thinking, public schools included.

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ANGELA LOVAT + 39 349 1436442